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What’s cooking? Sustainable healthy diets

Spurningaskrá 2022-2
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Dear participant

The purpose of the questionnaire is to collect information about the experiences and perspectives of people who have dedicated themselves to sustainable, healthy diets in Iceland. That can be vegans or vegetarians, flexitarians, consumers of organic food products, locally produced food products or others who consciously eat with regard to the environment, animal welfare or their own health.

The questionnaire is part of the project “Sustainable healthy diets: Filling the gaps and paving the way for a sustainable future”. It is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between academics from different fields, looking into people’s various diets with regards to both carbon footprint and health benefits. The aim is to provide policy makers, public health experts and the public itself with sufficient data to make informed decisions on how to transform food production and dietary habits in Iceland towards a more sustainable direction.

We therefore look for help to people who have already taken up such diets in their daily lives, in order to learn from their experience. What made you turn to this kind of diet, and how do you manage to sustain it? What attitudes and perspectives are involved? What are the main challenges you have encountered? We appreciate if your answers are detailed and descriptive; we are curious about all sorts of information related to the subject. If you have any concrete examples from your daily life, please include them. You can skip any questions that do not appeal to you.

Three lucky participants who submit sufficient responses to this questionnaire by the 31 March 2022 will be drawn out to receive the prize of a 10-week vegetable subscription from the ecological farm Flight Song Farm in Grímsnes, throughout the summer of 2022. For more information on the farm and their offerings, see their Facebook page

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