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Acts of Agression


Gabriella Szabó

01.06.2019 - 01.01.2020

Aspects of Aggression

The diversity of cruelty moves on an incredibly large scale. It is rooted in creature’s, this time human’s nature which appears in everyday life as a method of living and surviving – hunting and processing our nutrition; protecting ourselves, others or territories. These natural intents or needs giving the right to push then cross the border of necessity to arbitrariness. The own desire for living with violence is a frightening factor but not unprecedented.

When artists use aggression as a visual element and content the dramatic impression is unavoidable. Does creating and experiencing art which is connected with tragedies and bloodbath gives the feeling of guilt placing the creator and viewer into the situation of living and practising our cruel instincts or strengthens the passion for torture both physical and psychical qualities? Do human values and moral participate as a statement? How the question of (non-) subsistence connect with controlled natural selection when everyone and everything included ourselves are targeted?

Different forms of terror appear in the displayed collection pieces with the aim of creating a dialogue of how can abuser acts relate to our existence.