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The Icelandic Wool Sweater


Elín Sigurlaug Sigurðardóttir

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The Icelandic Wool Sweater. Origin - History - Design. The exhibition is on website.

The Icelandic wool sweater has developed through the centuries from a sturdy item of work clothing, used primarily in difficult outdoor jobs on sea and land, to being a national souvenir and a popular fashion item. In a way, the sweater reflects the lifestyle and history of a nation and tells a story of changing economic and social circumstances of Icelanders. 

The exhibition The Icelandic Wool Sweater. Origin - History - Design was designed as a traveling exhibition and was first opened at the Museum of Design and Applied Art in December 2017. The exhibition was based on research projects by the Textile Museum, the Museum of Design and Applied Art and Gljúfrasteinn – Laxness Museum, the poet's house. This web exhibition reflects the exhibition as it was set up as a special exhibition at the Textile Museum in Blönduós in 2019 - 2020. The creation of the web exhibition was supported by the Museum Council of Iceland.